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We provide residential property management with our investors in mind. We are here to help you succeed. Get to know our company and our values. You’ll see why we’re so good at providing professional property management in Memphis, TN.

RentalCity Property Management aims to improve lives through residential real estate.

The RentalCity Core Values

We embrace evolution with open arms and are continuously executing a focus on strategy, customer service, communication and advocation for both investor and resident. We spend a great deal of time perfecting our core values and strive to have them seen through every encounter with RentalCity.


We take action and hold ourselves personally responsible for delivering superior service to everyone we encounter.


We are personally invested in getting the job done and doing it well. Our employees foster a “can do” attitude.


We are honest and consistent. We believe humility creates opportunities for innovation and expansion.


We do the right thing even when no one is looking. We understand effective communication is crucial to our business.


We adapt to any situation by using creative approaches in our work. We overcome obstacles to create a win/win situation for all.

Lifelong Learning

We believe when you know better, you do better. You are either growing or you are dying.

What To Expect When We Manage Your Rental Propert

Property Management

With over 50 years of combined experience, RentalCity has the expertise to assist you with managing single family and multi-family investments. You can benefit from our full-service property management plans regardless of the type of property you own or the number of doors. Due to our extensive experience, we have created a “one size fits all” style of management, which has become the standard of other agencies; rest assured, we will provide you with the most accurate possible advice.

Long-Term Partnerships

An effective business relationship is one in which both parties are satisfied with the outcome. We are committed to ensuring RentalCity not only meets, but exceeds your expectations as a result of your positive experiences with our services. As a property management company, we strive to maintain an open line of communication with you in order to become your first choice for all things related to property management; either as an investor or as a tenant.

Specialized Support

As part of our team, we have a Portfolio Manager who oversees daily operations for each region served, as well as a dedicated team of individuals to support leasing, billing, maintenance, tenant support, and client service needs. Our philosophy of efficient care is woven throughout everything we do, and we have taken the time to hire staff that will work diligently to provide the highest quality care to every patient – the best experience 100% of the time.

Enhanced Services

Providing a “one stop shop” for investors new and experienced, we strive to provide a comprehensive range of services. In addition to management services, we can help you buy and sell investment properties. We offer investors the opportunity to locate and acquire additional rental properties for their portfolios through our company. Each market is thoroughly analyzed by our team to determine whether it is a good fit for your investment requirements.

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