RentalCity Expands into DeSoto County: New Gateway to Diversity Your Portfolio!

RentalCity Expands into DeSoto County: New Gateway to Diversity Your Portfolio!

RentalCity is excited to announce its arrival into Mississippi’s thriving market, DeSoto County.

We have exciting news for our clients! RentalCity has entered the Mississippi market and can now accept new clients in DeSoto County as well as assist our current client base with expanding into this market with us. What does this mean for you? Portfolio Diversification is one of the top ways to increase your return and we are prepared to help. 

In fact, rental properties account for 35% of single-family dwellings (SFR) in Southaven alone, according to local government estimates. This percentage is rising across all cities within DeSoto County. Together, let’s seize this momentum and forge a successful partnership!

How RentalCity Can Help You in DeSoto County

Buy a Property

Share your specific requirements and investment goals. Allow us to find the perfect property that aligns with your buy box. Our expertise and market knowledge will ensure a seamless and rewarding buying experience.

Sell a Portion of Your Portfolio

Do you own investment property in this area and would like us to help you sell? We have a client list of over 300 investors ready to look at your portfolio. 

Manage with Us

Perhaps you need a reliable property manager. Maybe you are considering transitioning your current management needs to RentalCity.

If these concern you, worry no more! We’re more than happy to continue managing your properties. Let us discuss a smooth handover process.

In our company, we always value our partnerships. We are thrilled about the opportunity to serve you. We make sure that your success is within your reach. We dedicate ourselves to providing top-notch services tailored to your unique requirements.

Contact us today! Explore the possibilities and embark on a fruitful journey together.

Talk soon,


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